I once again meet the (truly) brilliant econosofists. It was delight to hear smart, well-informed and pertinent opinions and questions. May God help you stay this way.


Bogdan Baltazar

Dear Students,

It was once again a great pleasure and privilege to be here with you at the University of Economics in Bucharest. I congratulate the organizers for putting together an excellent program for the week and the participants for their patience, passion and devotion to the subjects which are so important for Romania to have a prosperous future.

Multumesc frumos și toate cele bune!

Lajos Bokros

The intellectual quality of this meeting impressed me. I’m sure you will change the world.

With friendship and admiration,

Emil Hurezeanu

Thanks very much for the opportunity to speak to an open and dynamic group representative of the best of Romania’s young people. I hope that i can organise my life better next year so as to be available for a longer discussion.

Good luck,

Jonathan Scheele

Who we are

Econosofia is the club for students interested in macroeconomics and public policy. We organize conferences and seminars with experts from institutions such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the National Bank of Romania. In addition to organizing events the club’s members work on research projects and participate in debates. As such, Econosofia is a unique club in Romania.

With every project we met people who broadened our horizons – economy wise.

Professor Lajos Bokros – PhD at the CEU, Budapest; former director at the World Bank;

Ziad Alahad – Chief of the World Bank Office in Romania;

Jonathan Scheele – Head of the European Commission Delegation;

Graeme Justice – Country Representative of the IMF in Romania;

Hildegard Gacek – CEO BERD Romania;

Martin Quinn – DG Enlargement, European Commission;

academia: Daniel Dăianu, Claudiu Doltu, Victor Dragotă;

finance and banking: Bogdan Baltazar, Mugur Isărescu, Dan Pascariu, Elena Petculescu, Răzvan Szilagy;

political analysts: Cristian Pîrvulescu, Cristian Preda, Toader Paleologu;

government officials: Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu, Ionuț Popescu, Mihai Tănăsescu;

journalists: Stelian Tănase, Ilie Șerbănescu, Ion Cristoiu, Sorin Roșca Stănescu, Robert Turcescu, Bogdan Chireac.

How we got started

The library of the Academy of Economic Studies was the place where students like Dan Cătăneț, Liviu Dumitrașcu, Lucian Despoiu, Dragoș Bărbulescu, Miron Mănescu, Iulia Carpov, Alina Grigoraș met. Here they had discussions regarding economics and initially they were called the Student Economic Initiative, a group started in 1997 whose objective was to exchange information and opinions between its members. At that point external projects were mere plans.

Soon some of them felt the need for a more formal environment and thus in 1998, on the 13 of December, Volunteers for Ideas and Projects was formed, an association whose purpose was to organize events for students, while the rest of the group dealt with discussions and debates on topics such as economics. Thus the economics club functioned parallel to the VIP association. In time most of its members graduated and the club was left without human resources. Therefore it joined VIP, under the name of Econosofia in 1999. Recruitment for new members started, more or less through recommendations. Students who had prior solid knowledge of economics were sought. The target group was made up of students from the Faculties of Finance and Cybernetics from ASE Bucharest. Econosofia has since functioned as a club of Volunteers for Ideas and Projects.

Over the years their projects were acknowledged on high levels both by the participants – students eager to enhance their knowledge, and by governmental and higher education institutions and the mass media through representatives who were invited to the projects.