What did our recruits go through to be on the following list?

To begin with, they attended two conferences, one held by Lucian Croitoru (BNR) concerning the current situation of Romania and the actuality and functionality of the Philips curve and one where we had Vlad Muscalu (ING economist) as guest, with a discussion centred on the monetary policies that a central bank can pursue in the market economy.

Additionally, we prepared two intense debates, crammed with well documented and factual arguments regarding the Sustainability of budget deficits at the European Union level and The adoption of the Euro, study case: Romania.

We proudly present the people who proved the most able to match the Econosofia profile:

  1. Andreea Avramescu
  2. Alin Constantin
  3. Radu Dumitriu
  4. Cristina Epure
  5. Anca Isbășoiu
  6. Luiza Pandioniu
  7. Georgiana Pandioniu
  8. Lavinia Popa
  9. Cristina Radu
  10. Octavian Radu
  11. Răzvan Răducanu
  12. Andrei Scurtu
  13. Cezara Suman
  14. Theodor Vlădășel

Congratulations to everybody!

We are now done with this autumn’s recruitment process. After 20 days of promotion with dorm posters, faculty hall flyers and a presentation stand in the Academy where we had the opportunity to meet some of you, we can state that we have selected the people with the most potential for Econosofia.

They are 24 (counted!) and they have especially impressed us. We welcome the 2010-2011 generation to the Econosofia trial period:

  1. Codruța Boar
  2. Andreea Avramescu
  3. Maria Crăciun
  4. Costin Bădici
  5. Alexandru Barbu
  6. Elena Bulearcă
  7. Mădălina Cămărașu
  8. Radu Dumitriu
  9. Cristina Epure
  10. Anca Isbășoiu
  11. Cosmin Muscălescu
  12. Luiza Pandioniu
  13. Georgiana Pandioniu
  14. Ana-Maria Popeangă
  15. Cristina Radu
  16. Andrei Scurtu
  17. Cezara Suman
  18. Theodor Vlădășel
  19. Octavian Radu
  20. Alin Constantin
  21. Iulian Frâncu
  22. Lavinia Popa
  23. Răzvan Răducanu
  24. Mihai Păun
If you want to encounter people with a true passion for economics, with a debate-oriented spirit, open-minded, always informed and next to whom you can constantly develop yourself, we welcome you to Econosofia – club of the Volunteers for Ideas and Projects students’ organization.

Come to the conference scheduled for the October 14th in the Academy of Economic Studies’ room 2013 at 1:30 PM and find out more about us.

If interested, please fill in the available form (bagati voi link) and send it by the 20th October at recrutare@vipromania.org

“Econosofia. Shedding light on economics since 1998”

A perfect end to a perfect year. Economics through a Macrofying Glass was more than a summer school or a project, it was more than we hoped and dreamed but everything we needed and all that was due.

Next year hopefully longer but not necessarily bigger as good things come in small packages (as your truly).

In September stay tuned for the fall issue of the Econosofia Journal containing the two winning papers:

USA and China
stuck together, torn apart


All in all, it’s just a BRIC in the wall

We thank the participants and our alumni for taking part, our partners and sponsor for the support, our guests for the exchange of ideas and last but not least professor Lajos Bokros for his teachings, support and encouragement. Every year you have invested in us more any other professor and we hope that one day all the Econosofia generations who have been fortunate enough to meet you will shape the future we want and deserve.

Working for the UN is indeed a mighty goal. You need language skills, excellent training, experience, a thorough education and a bit of luck. Whether you want to work at one of the main headquarters in NY, Vienna or Geneva or for one of the local agencies you need determination, the right skills at the right time and know-how. Read the rest of this entry »

With great pride we announce the new Econosofia members:

1. Popescu Roxana-Andreea
2. Cernea Mircea-Petre
3. Tiseanu Cătălin
4. Ioan Anca
5. Vasilescu Vlad
6. Zechiu Marian-Alexandru
7. Popescu Andreea Victoria
8. Dumitru Oana Roxana
9. Marin Ionuţ Georgian
10. Guţă Bianca
11. Belu Eva Suzana


Let`s make sense of today’s economy!

In October, let’s decipher the puzzle/mystery/secrecy of economy!

In Econosofia you have the chance to discover people that are really fond of economy, with polemic spirit, open-minded and always informed, who are fighting daily with the mediocrity that surrounds all of us. People just like you!

Apply for Econosofia membership and you will enter a dynamic environment where we learn to develop constantly, and with every project realized we become better in what we do. This is how: Read the rest of this entry »

Everyone’s talking about it – it’s been a year since the crisis officially started and while any possible aspect of it has been deeply covered in the media, in politics and just about anywhere else its truly surprising effects are just making themselves known. Read the rest of this entry »

 … Curious to know why?

 In the current context, which no longer matches the parameters of a simple cyclic change, the chronic economic crisis seems to respond to the stimuli coming from different anti-depressing policies. Therefore, in a discouraged economic environment, in order to find a solution for more than just the circumstances, the Econosofia club, part of the student organization Volunteers for Ideas and Projects organizes, between May 4 and 8, 2009, the 6th edition of the project Economics through a Macrofying Glass.

Read the rest of this entry »

A new trend, and also a fear, has been born in the scientific arena: demographic winter, which means the disappearance of the human race by slowly decreasing the number of people.
I remember few years ago (like 7 years) watching a documentary on Discovery where was shown how Earth would look like in future: cities on sees, huge blocks, every square meter was used to build something because ground wouldn’t be enough for the population. Read the rest of this entry »

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